There is an immense number of distinct kinds of lettuce out there. It is a favorite in the garden because it is relatively easy to grow, is one of the first crops that can be planted, and is one of the first crops to yield in the spring. Since it does not need to be pollinated in order to produce a crop, all of these insects can be stopped by growing your lettuce under a floating row cover. Although growing lettuce straight from the ground can provide you more yields, the task might be an uphill climb.

There are a couple of approaches to harvest lettuce. It is possible to grow a lot of lettuce in a little space, even as little as a container. Lettuce is a favorite since it is relatively simple to grow, is among the very first crops that could be planted and is among the initial crops to yield in the spring. Loose leaf lettuce is among the simplest to grow so I will seed it directly into the garden bed, this is known as direct sowing.

Thats the basics you should know on how best to grow lettuce in your backyard garden. Lettuce is like tomatoes in the quantity of distinct cultivars that are readily available. Growing lettuce indoors lets you reap a wide variety of fresh, crispy homegrown lettuce year-round.

Lettuce grows well in smallish spaces. It is possible to also grow lettuce with broccoli and brussels sprouts and they will gain from one another. Growing lettuce is comparatively quick.

As it becomes warmer, switch to heat-resistant selections of lettuce. Lettuce likes cool weather and tons of moisture. To begin with, there are four primary varieties of lettuce. Fortunately it does not suffer from many pests and diseases. It will grow well in sandy loam soil that has a high level of organic matter. It can handle those cold temperatures as long as there is not a hard frost. Growing lettuce is just one of the simplest and most satisfying garden vegetables you are able to grow.

Lettuce is great for succession planting. It also needs plenty of nitrogen.  Unfortunately it is NOT a tropical plant! A baby lettuce with a couple slices of tomato, some fresh herbs, some fantastic olives and a couple slices of a very good Italian ham is nearly a meal.

There are several different types and kinds of lettuce but with respect to sowing we either want a single head of lettuce or a lot of plants for cut and come again production. There are many different kinds of lettuce and it is a topic of personal preference which you want. It turns bitter once the flower stalk begins to form, so harvest before a central stem starts to form. Lettuce of a single sowing will often be all ready at the exact same time.

Lettuce won’t succeed in dry soils. If you wish to grow lettuce in your garden it’s important to work out which type you need to grow and then to select the precise varieties. Growing Lettuce is quite uncomplicated and fast.